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Traffic Bot:

A Traffic bot is one type of essentially non-human traffic that works on a website. Bot traffic is an outcome of a software application that is running automated tasks. The traffic can be organic, direct, or sometimes referral. The SEO traffic bot and, the organic traffic bot are two advanced features. For understanding bot traffic perfectly, everyone has to look at the multi types of traffic bot.

Addition to Traffic bot:

Addiction to traffic bot is spreading like a disease in society. The problem is getting increasing day by day and becomes more complete. Many of us are addicted to communication platforms. Like all addiction problems, this traffic addiction is difficult to admit for different reasons, it is not a secret now and the social media companies intentionally manipulate the brain chemistry of the addicted youth generation and others.

For different reasons, we cannot stop the addiction. Some major reasons are-

  • The apps develop our satisfaction daily.
  • The more time we spend on the platform, the more satisfaction we got.
  • On the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and people spend  more time.
  • Negative emotions such as loneliness and boredom are some of the main reasons.
  • The more advertising revenue flows into the pockets of different tech companies.
  • In the digital market site, people want to spend some significant time to decondition owns from these type of platforms.
  • People are involving in online social media jobs day by day.

Local SEO: 

Local SEO is a discipline of search engine optimization that mainly focuses on different results that are based on geographical locations. Due to searching for products or services online, SEO has much obvious value.

Social SEO Improvement with Automated Traffic Bot: 

An automated traffic bot is an important tool for people who need website visits. The tool will be very helpful to collect more visitors to the website. It is also important to social SEO improvement. The traffic bot website itrafficbot.io is a traffic generator tool that can help the SEO improvement well. The features of the itrafficbot network are the most advanced effective way to improve local SEO rankings.

Click-Through Rate:    

Click through Rate (CTR) is the number of clicks that the ad receives which are divided by the different number of times the ad is shown. 


You can see the CTR list in your account where each of the ads and keywords has their own CTRs. The users find the ads more helpful and relevant because high CTR is a very good indication. A good CTR is much relevant and helpful to reach the ads to the visitors.

A Bot Increases the CTR:

There is crowd-sourced solution to improve the SEO rankings by sending click traffic from real human visitors to the SERPs. It also increases the organic click-through rate and boosts the SEO rankings. The iTrafficbot is a website that helps to increase CTR. If you like the click-through rate, you will get a higher and expected engagement of traffic. The CTR bot is a method that is used to manipulate the clicks coming into a website to increase the SERP Search engine ranking position.

Time on Site: 

Two essential points of Google for referencing the site are-

  1. Time on site (Dwell time)
  2. Click-through rate

Time on site:  It measures the engagement of internet users on the expected site. The content has to be much better. The better the content is, the more visitors will want to stay enough time on the site.

Automated Traffic Bot Increases the Time on Site:

Web traffic bot increases the bounce rate and dwells time also. Visitors look into time on-site to check the searches which will be a good experience with the webpage. iTrafficbot is very easy to set up within a maximum of five minutes and it acts as an SEO ranking sector.

Organic Visitors:

The term organic visitors is used to refer to the visitors that land on a website as a result of organic search results. Organic visitors are originally is the opposite of paid traffic. It will define the visits generated by the paid ads. After using a search engines like Google or Bing you will find the organic visitors also.  

An Organic Traffic Bot will Increase more Organic Visitors:

Itrafficbot is an effective website tool that is very helpful to generate more organic traffic. It also allows for enhancing more organic traffic by clicking the site. We all want to get more organic traffic on the site that we manage. There are different techniques by which you can generate more organic traffic. These are:

  • You can create a blog for your site or online store. It will spread the ads all over the internet and you will better set up your site. Blogging is a much effective process to attract the audience and it helps more to generate organic traffic. It will also help to sell more from your online store.
  • By the keyword search volume, you can achieve more organic traffic. The advantage of SEO is permanent results. 
  • You have to act on social media to get more organic traffic. You have to more conscious about the design of your website and should not neglect paragraphs and headlines for better ranking.
  • The SEO optimized image and the title, Meta descriptions should be unique and search engine optimized. It will help to get more organic traffic.

Traffic Bot Increases strong Brand Awareness:

Brand Awareness: Brand awareness is the extent to which the customers are able to recognize different brands under many conditions. Brand awareness is an associative network memory model and it is also one of 2 dimensions from the brand knowledge.

A Traffic Bot can Build a Strong Brand Awareness:

There are different bots that can help to build strong brand awareness like Facebook, Instagram, etc. it can help the customers to understand the business. It is also a great approach to build customer networks and it helps to create strong brand awareness.

Most Important and Innovative Ways to Increase Brand Awareness:  

There are a huge amount of strategies to build strong brand awareness. Here some special is-

  • You have to do your SEO research perfectly.
  • Twitter is another big social media platform for any brand awareness because it will help you to publish news and interact with customers.
  • The referral program is also effect full to build brand awareness.
  • You can involve local partnerships which are a great brand-building strategy to build strong brand awareness.

Outrank Competitors and Process to Outrank SEO Competitors:

Outranking: It refers to a higher rank than others. 

Outrank Competitors: the dream of everyone is to get the first page of Google search engine. But is the most competitive place on the Internet. A properly and correctly planned SEO can fulfill the dream obviously. The outranking of competitors is identifying opportunities that the competitors are not utilizing.

Here, this article will share some secret and important tricks that will help to outrank the competitors in SEO ranking-

  • You can spy on the keywords.
  • Give the competitors to do work hard for you.
  • You have to improve your backlink profile.
  • The state of art on-page SEO is most effect full.
  • You should target mobile devices and social media.

Final Words:

SEO traffic bots in developing business growth are much effective. These are more capable to rank your website high. Different traffic bots carry different services and these are very useful to rank a website in Google search engine optimization. Everyone has access to our bot traffic for free: